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Roger Correa, LUTCF

  In March 1999, I left Brazil for the United States to improve my knowledge of the English spoken language and get to know the North American financial markets. Economist graduated from PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), I arrived with high expectations to experience the opportunities offered by the largest economy on the planet, currently with a GDP of 22.99 trillion, followed by China – with a GDP of 17.07 trillion , and Brazil, with 1.6 trillion GDP, according to the 2021 Nominal GDP.

  What was supposed to be a simple 1 year international experience has become a new way of life and 23 years later I have America as my beloved homeland. I lived in New Jersey/New York for 12 years and I have lived in Florida for 11 years, recently moving to Fort Laudardale. During these 23 years in America, I have built a solid career as a Insurance Consultant and acquired great experience in my field of expertise. 

“For the American, the more he accumulates, the more he plans”

  I went through three of the biggest American insurers – Guardian Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance and AXA Advisors, now known as Equitable.

  Guardian Life Insurance was my first great school and my cradle of knowledge in this complex financial arena. I worked with a very successful group of Americans and could see why the wealthy American client planned even more. Clients, for the most part, were concerned with minimizing taxes, with the costs of transferring inheritance from one generation to another, and also programmed to create future structures that would protect multiple generations. For me, the message was very clear from the beginning of my career: for the American, the more money you accumulate, the more you plan.

  Six years later I moved to New York Life, where I had a long career as a consultant. In early 2010, I was promoted to partner in the South Florida operations. and, in less than 3 years, I occupied the 33rd position. in a group composed of more than 700 professionals.

My career took a new turn when I got to know AXA, a global company that operates in more than 65 countries, as I realized that its principles were in line with what I was looking for for my international clients, given the huge influx of Brazilians transferring residence to the USA.

At the begnning of 2018 I joined forces with Lincoln Financial Group since they have an special Insurance  program for Foreign Nationals and they are a 380 Billion dollar insurance company. 

  During this journey, I specialized in Risk Management with an emphasis on financial, legacy and inheritance planning; and sought credentials necessary to work in this complex industry:

  • LUTCF (The American College of Financial Services) since 2010

  • Florida Life Insurance License


   These titles enable me to work in the most complex planning structures and allow me to offer a diverse range of options to global customers.

“The road to financial freedom is long, but it offers benefits that can be enjoyed across generations”

  Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping personalities, as well as small, medium and large companies, to achieve positive results in their legacy planning structures. Unfortunately, I was also able to see the tragic consequences of the lack of planning, common among Brazilians, due to cultural reasons.

  Today, my main objective is to guide global communities, with an emphasis on Latin American clients living in the United States and serving international clients who have assets in different parts of the world.


  My main goal as a Insurance consultant is to get individuals and corporations to embody the concept that the road to financial freedom is long, but when done solidly, it offers benefits that can be used by several generations.

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