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About International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance is a fantastic alternative for those individuals and families who want to overcome the biggest problems faced by Brazilian health plans, such as abusive price increases and annual readjustments, reduced benefits, absurd grace periods of 60, 90, 120 to even 180 days. For the use of services and more detailed examinations, pre-conditions that are not covered for 2 years or more, among many other problems faced by Brazilians who are obliged to follow the rules imposed by the ANS (National Health Agency) and by Brazilian insurers that practically dominate and influence market rules.

“RC Assessoria em Asset legacy and Inheritance Planning” has the solution to the problems described above. Our International Insurance arm represents the biggest and best Global insurers.

See next an article by one of our clients, Actor Carlos Casagrande, from TV Globo and what he has to say about these health insurances plans.

In these international plans, readjustments follow inflation and are corrected, on average, by 5% to 8% per year. In addition, you can choose your doctor in any country in the world and you have important guarantees, not seen in the Brazilian market, such as the quality control carried out by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the American body with the best reputation in the world. Want to know more? Only in international health insurance plnas is it possible to purchase a competitively priced plan up to the age of 90. In other words, there is respect for the consumer!

Our experience shows that in national plans (specifically referencing Brazil's private health systems), readjustments vary between 15% and 35% per year, age is a limiting factor and quality control is carried out by the ANS, the Brazilian inspection body for the sector. In addition, the insurance company determines which doctors are available and the customer runs the risk of the insurance company not renewing their plan when that customer most needs it.


If you have a national health plan that is expensive and you want more for your money, if you identified with the text above, contact us. We will find a solution for you and your family. We have nearly 2 decades of experience in this complex international insurance market and we will know how to guide you in the right direction.  

We list the main challenges of Home Health Insurance, compare yourself
5 Vantagens

Know the benefits
of the International Health Insurance

Free Choice of Doctors and Hospitals Worldwide. Yes, worldwide!

How to hire?

Taking out International Health Insurance gives you access to the best doctors and hospitals in the world. But where to start? Understand how this process works and everything you need by contacting our team, without any commitment.

Vantagens Seguro Saude Internacional
Como Contratar

Shortage and assistance in the International Health Insurance

As in the national plans, in the International Health Insurance plans, some grace periods are also fixed: 

- *30 days for any service (except accident and infectious disease),

- 10 months after contracting the plan is the grace period for using the maternity benefit.

- 3 months for check up without using a deductible (in some plans).

- specific times (ranging from 180 days to a 2-year grace period) for certain procedures and treatments, such as bariatric surgery, foot disorders and HIV.


Note: *however, if the existence of a domestic or international plan in the last 12 months is proven, the 30-day grace period will be eliminated. (Proof of payment of the last 12 invoices.



Is there any further difference?


Yup. International insurance has coverage for medication, that is, that antibiotic that the doctor prescribed and that costs dearly will be paid for by the company. Always remembering that there is a deductible before receiving a refund. 


Some plans cover a complete annual executive check-up at the Fleury laboratory, and there is no deductible and the insurance company pays. 


And in the case of maternity, the client will receive reimbursement of the amount spent on maternity, up to the stipulated limit. This benefit is only available on complete products with a deductible of US$ 2,000 and covers everything from prenatal consultations and exams to childbirth, doctor and hospital fees. If the pregnancy or childbirth has any complications, the benefit changes to up to 1 million dollars. 


There are many benefits. Get in touch to know more!

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