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Legacy and inheritance planning

  In the US, planning structures are supported by the economy, which has options in practically all segments, that is, stock exchange, residential and commercial real estate products, as well as corporate solutions for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit.

  In summary, the range of high performance products and opportunities will vary with the goals and degree of risk of each person.  As an example, we put it briefly how Americans use these tools to their advantage.

Family Planning

  Structures such as insurance, retirement, investments, real estate, property companies, foundation and shielding are part of the American planning routine. The United States remains a “safe haven” for wealth accumulation for families from all over the world. It is a Country that protects the final consumer laws, regardless of their origin.

Legacy Planning

  It is very common within American corporate structures to formalize an agreement between partners to define legacy and plan for the future in the event of premature death or disability of one of the partners. Tracing the transfer to the heirs of a holder is one of the measures adopted for the longevity of the business. This is the example of Bill Gates, who took many years to plan his business legacy, done in an extremely thoughtful way.

  On the other hand, when things are not planned correctly, the financial impact of legacy on a family is very large. Take the example of the Miami Dolphins family, who had to sell the stadium for 150 million to pay taxes to the government.

Inheritance Planning

  In some countries, such as Brazil, the inheritance system dictates pre-established rules and, therefore, the distribution to the next generation may not be according to the deceased's wishes, much less of the beneficiaries.

  In the United States, some financial instruments create contractually pre-established percentages, creating equity equalization among heirs. In this scenario, we highlight the planning and transfer of inheritance, which, when planned correctly, creates a heritage perpetuation, a concept called the eternalization of the inheritance, which guarantees future generations the opportunity to enjoy the heritage eternally (Dinasty Trust).

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