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Immigration Advisory

 As I always tell my clients, “planning is much more than a science, it's an art”. The official move to the United States requires a lots of caution, financial, tax and immigration planning, preferably BEFORE DECIDING TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

  There are many cases of Brazilians who are arriving in Uncle Sam's land and then start looking for details on how to adjust their immigration visa, what are the tax implications in the United States and also in Brazil, etc.

 This conversation needs to be broken down into two parts: Immigration Advisory e Accounting and Tax Advice.

The immigration issue

 The major concern is always the proper visa structure to move correctly and legally to United States . Many have arrived with Student or Tourism visas, aggravating or even hindering future opportunities for a green card and a possible stay in the country. There are also those families who, due to lack of planning, arrive with a Student visa, stay in schools for 2, 3 or even 4 years, get tired and decide to return, because they did not plan their arrival correctly, that is, they did not plan the correct structuring.

 With the current measures of the new Trump administration, the topic Immigration, which has always been quite controversial, has become a major challenge for many undocumented immigrants in the country. But we're not here to talk about politics, are we?

 When it comes to visas, there are so many options, such as H-1B (professionals), E-2 (investors with treaties in countries accepted by the US Government, Treaty Investors), _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_L-1A (executives and managers/entrepreneurs) E-B5 (Investor visa) and E-B1 (Special skills). Each visa has its particularity and nuances, so we interviewed Dr. Luciana Fischer on these topics! It's worth watching!

"Fixing something poorly done can be a lot more work, and sometimes the damage done can be irreparable"

  From my point of view as an insurance agent of almost 23 years, I see that the most important thing is to understand what something i have been saying all over my website: plan ahead! Fixing something poorly done can be a lot more work, and sometimes the damage done can be irreparable when it relates to Immigration and visas. Once immigration denies an application, the American dream gets further and further away, so planning and having the right people around is something we understand well. 

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