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The Worlds Largest Life Insurance Industry

  Competition, privacy and confidentiality are the main differentiators of the North American insurance market. The products available and the strength of the insurers allow the transfer of inheritance, dollarization and efficiency, with the most competitive costs in the world.

  There are more than 2,000 companies in operation, in a country that remains a “safe harbor” for asset accumulation due to the seriousness of the laws and applicability that always protect the final consumer. The American competence in this regard makes the interest of the international public to acquire life insurance abroad growing.

  In a recent article published in “Trusts & Estates”, the renowned Massassuchets lawyer Dr. Melvin A. Warshaw pointed out the main reasons why influential families around the world look to America to protect their future. Check out:

Competitive Cost

The North American insurance industry is the most competitive in the world, with approximately 2,000 companies vying for end-consumer attention and costs unmatched by the rest of the world. due to the seriousness of the laws and their applicability, always protecting the final consumer.


Dollar is always dollar, anywhere in the world. Even in 2008, when the US economy went through a long recovery process, the country recorded growth of almost 3%. The crisis took hold more strongly in the Real Estate market and in the stock market as a whole, due to the domino effect.


Safety is at the heart of the concerns of successful families, and it is a topic taken very seriously by American companies. Trading confidentiality and customer privacy are unquestionable in America.

Geo-politics and Economics

The United States remains a Safe Harbor for the accumulation of assets for families from all over the world due to the seriousness of the laws and their applicability, always protecting the final consumer.

Efficiency in paying taxes

For international residents, the acquisition of life insurance, when acquired on Smerician soil, represents advantages for the Insured and also for the Beneficiaries, since there is no taxation on the payment of the death annuity (if structured correctly).

Pre-Immigration and Tax Planning

Life insurance can work as an excellent asset leverage instrument for families leaving Brazil. Partnerships with accounting firms and professionals in the tax and immigration areas (both Brazil and the United States) are essential to define the best strategies.

There are more than 100 insurers and 500 managers:

The volume of options offered in our open platform framework is very broad! See my video!

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